Jonah Goldberg

Editor in chief & co-founder of The Dispatch and Remnant podcast host. A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, an L.A. Times columnist, CNN commentator, and author of three NYT bestsellers. Goldberg worked at National Review for two decades.

Jonah Goldberg

To Senor, with Love

A story of biblical proportions.

How Anti-Zionism Shrugs Off Antisemitism

New words and ideas can’t sanitize very old facts.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

We all need to ask more questions.

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Why China Is So Eager to Foment Antisemitism

Spreading Jew-hatred helps distract from its own sins.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

"Young people can be terrible."

The Scorpion King

Donald Trump has a history of turning on the people who helped him succeed.

Trump Davidians

"I've watched people eat soup and be more exciting than Mike Pence."

Let Me Be Frank

Biden's relationship with Kamala, Obama, and his party.

The MAGAfication of the Left

A progressive movement that makes allowances for Jew-hatred cannot endure.

Cancel This!

How people cheat in the war of ideas.