Jonah Goldberg

Editor in chief & co-founder of The Dispatch and Remnant podcast host. A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, an L.A. Times columnist, CNN commentator, and author of three NYT bestsellers. Goldberg worked at National Review for two decades.

Jonah Goldberg

Ukraine on the Brain

Vivek's 'naive' and 'unserious' foreign policy framework

Xi’s Republic of China

China’s experiment with market-based economics didn’t negate the problems of one-party rule. It merely delayed them.

Generation Flex

Did safety culture create cancel culture?

China’s Economy Is Spiraling

Will it drag down the rest of us?

Rat Races

Crowds are dangerous.

If Life Was a Movie

A weird trick that helps me identify the real-world protagonists.

The Debate That Didn’t Matter

Not worth your time.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Brother George

A is for apostate.

Who Will Stop Him?

We shouldn’t have to be debating whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from office.

The Kaplan Chronicles

Between empire and anarchy.