Mike Watson

Mike Watson is the associate director of Hudson Institute’s Center for the Future of Liberal Society.

Mike Watson

Lessons From Henry Kissinger

He helped America out of its last losing streak. His strategies offer us a way out of this one.

Why India Matters to the United States

Some are wary of stronger ties with New Delhi, but the two nations share common interests.

The Past Offers a Way Forward on Foreign Policy

The Truman Doctrine and the Nixon Doctrine both had their flaws. But perhaps taking a few elements from each could be useful today.

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Putin Has Told Us What He Fears

And that offers the U.S. and its allies a path forward to help Ukraine.

A Case for Foreign Policy Reform

Now is a time neither for retrenchment nor redoubling.

Joe Biden and the Whig Restoration

The Whigs made catastrophically shortsighted decisions in their haste to pass bills once they gained control of the federal government. Will the Democrats learn?

What Frederick DeBoer Gets Wrong About Charter Schools

A review of The Cult of Smart.