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Fact Checking a Viral Claim About Elon Musk

Fact Checking a Viral Claim About Elon Musk

A popular social media account attributes an Orwell quote to Musk.

Fact Checking Claims About Arizona Voter Registration Numbers

A claim circulating now is both false and old.

Has President Biden Visited the Southern Border Since Taking Office?

There is no evidence of such a visit.

Do the Vaccinated Now Make Up the Majority of COVID Deaths?

Yes, but context is required.

Fact Checking an Alleged Tweet by Right-Wing Pundit Matt Walsh

The tweet is a fake image.

Has Iran Executed 15,000 Protesters?

The Iranian government has detained—but not killed—that number of its citizens in the past year.

Fact Checking Claims About Pennsylvania Voting Deadlines

A judge did not allow for votes that arrived by November 14 to be counted.

Fact Check: Is Billionaire Bill Gates on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors?

No. There is a supervisor named Bill Gates, but it’s not the Microsoft founder.

Fact Checking Claims About Voting in Detroit

A claim by Donald Trump is misleading.

Fact Checking Claims About Voting Machines in Arizona

A problem with printing ballots was not a sign of election interference.

Fact Check: Did Tim Michels Say It’s ‘Not Unreasonable’ to Force Rape Victims to Give Birth?

Wisconsin’s GOP gubernatorial nominee said that in 2004.

Fact Check: Did a Phoenix TV Station Air Results From the State’s Gubernatorial Election?

The graphic was accidentally aired and was part of a test

Fact Check: Do Booster Shots Increase a Person’s Likelihood of Getting COVID?

There is no evidence to support such claims.