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Fact Checking Claims About Wisconsin’s Number of Registered Voters

Trump supporters keep making debunked claims.

Fact Checking Charlie Kirk’s Claim About R. Kelly and Spotify

Yes, his music is still available on the streaming service.

Arizona Bill Peddles Debunked Election Fraud Claims

A Republican representative is attempting to decertify 2020 election results.

Fact Check: No, the Vice President Cannot Overturn an Election

Donald Trump repeats a claim that has already been debunked.

Fact Check: Chuck Schumer Misspeaks About the Composition of the Court

He said, ‘Until 1981, this powerful body, the Supreme Court, was all white men.’

No, Voltaire Didn’t Say That

A GOP Congressman credited the philosopher in his criticism of Anthony Fauci.

Fact Checking Claims About Rand Paul’s Professional Background

Claims about malpractice lawsuits are true, but certification claims aren’t so simple.

No Evidence to Suggest Navy Pilot’s Crash Was Because of a Vaccine Reaction

A baseless story about the crash has gone viral.

Fact Checking Claims About Biden and Breyer’s Face Masks

The justice did not receive a mask the president had worn.

Fact Checking More Claims About the 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia

Former President Donald Trump continues to make false statements.

Did Wisconsin Lawmakers Pull Back Electoral Votes From 2020?

No, they actually rejected a measure to do so.

Does Prior Infection Convey More Immunity Than a COVID Vaccine?

A CDC study suggesting as much was pre-omicron and didn’t account for boosters.