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Does Prior Infection Convey More Immunity Than a COVID Vaccine?

A CDC study suggesting as much was pre-omicron and didn’t account for boosters.

Fact Checking President Biden’s Claims About Job Creation

A tweet lacks valuable context about all the job loss caused by the pandemic.

Did Rep. Dan Crenshaw Shout at a 10-Year-Old Girl at an Event?

The young woman who questioned Crenshaw was 18, not 10.

Have Tennis Players Dropped Out of the Australia Open With Chest Pains?

No. Two players named in viral posts lost in competition, and one didn’t even enter the tournament.

Fact Checking More Claims About the 2020 Election in Wisconsin

A viral video includes several false claims.

Fact Checking Joe Biden’s Speech on Voting Rights Legislation

The president made several misleading and inaccurate statements.

Fact Checking Claims About a Statement by Rochelle Walensky

A viral video of the CDC director discussing COVID deaths and comorbidities is missing context.

Fact Checking Claims About VAERS and COVID-19 Vaccine Data

People are misusing information provided to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event System.

No, Betty White Did Not Have a COVID Booster Right Before Her Death

Debunking a viral social media claim.

Fact Check: 2021 Year In Review

Another big year for election and pandemic disinformation.