Fact Check

Fact Check: Clip of Fighting AI Robot Is Computer Generated, Not Real

A viral TikTok is fooling social media users.

Fact Check: Image Purporting to Show Hillary Clinton at Guantanamo Bay is Fake 

An image is circulating online purporting to show former first lady and Secretary of State ...

Fact Check: Tucker Carlson Cites False Ukrainian Casualty Numbers

The numbers cited by the Fox News Host are fabricated.

Fact Check: Does a Passport Indicate Barack Obama Was Born in Kenya?

The document in question belongs to his father

Fact Check: Image of Donald and Melania Trump With Stormy Daniels Has Been Altered

Only the Trumps appear in the authentic photograph.

Fact Check: What Has the Biden Administration Said About Uganda’s Anti-LGBT Law? 

Fabricated posts are circulating online.

Fact Check: No Evidence Sen. John Fetterman Has a Body Double

Camera equipment and settings can greatly alter how people look in photos.

Fact Check: Social Media Posts Misidentify Nashville Shooter

A years-old online hoax has resurfaced.

Fact Check: Did Silicon Valley Bank Donate More Than $73 Million to Black Lives Matter?

No, but the database in question shows donations to related causes.

An AI-generated image of Trump via @EliotHiggins on Twitter.

Fact Check: Photos of Donald Trump Being Arrested Are Fake

The images were generated using artificial intelligence software.