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Fact Check: Barack Obama Did Not Keep Millions of Classified Documents

Donald Trump made the claim after last week’s FBI search of his home.

Fact Checking a Viral Photo of Melania Trump

An image depicting her posing with a shovel on the grave of Ivana Trump is digitally altered.

Fact Checking Claims About Dominion Voting Systems and the Colorado Recount

The company’s voting machines did not fail a ‘logic and accuracy’ test.

Fact Check: Does Monkeypox Have 99.97 Survival Rate?

A claim from former OAN anchor Liz Wheeler is false.

Fact Check: Biden Exaggerated Vaccine Claim

Video from a 2021 resurfaces after the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

Fact Check: Trump Statement on Biden’s COVID Diagnosis a Fake

The former president did not make the widely shared statement.

Fact Check: Was a Woman Denied Entry Into the U.S. Because of an Abortion?

No, but Customs and Border Protection officials are investigating questions officers asked her at an airport.

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Say He Has Cancer?

Viral claims are accurate, though a spokesman clarified that Biden was referring to a past diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer.