House Passes Parental Rights Bill

Plus: A March Madness update after an exciting weekend of games. 🏀☘️

It’s Time to Krauthammer the Curriculum

One solution for fixing the anti-intellectualism of the nationalist right.

Refugee Admissions Still Slumping Under Biden

Lawmakers and advocates lament historically low numbers, despite the president’s promises to the contrary.

McCaul Pushes for State Department’s Afghanistan Docs

Plus: A researcher calls for Congress to sanction Xi Jinping.

The Return of the Firing Squad, Explained

Idaho’s state legislature paves the way for the execution method’s return.

What New York Housing Shortage?

A few sentences in the New York Times are more instructive than usual.

The Growing Danger of the Iranian Cyber Threat

The Islamic Republic’s hostile actions against Israel and its Arab allies demonstrate the need for American leadership.

Cracking the Big Egg Conspiracy

Hint: It wasn’t ‘greedflation’ that caused high prices late last year.

Getting ‘Forever Chemicals’ Out of the Water Supply

Plus: Biden vetoes GOP-led bill on ESG investing.

The Real Problem With the Manhattan DA’s Case Against Trump

Relegating political questions to the legal system lets the former president cast himself as a victim.

Meddling Toward Justice

The House GOP shouldn’t interfere in Alvin Bragg’s folly.

House Republicans Leap to Trump’s Defense

Plus: The Senate considers ending a pair of war authorizations, and the China competition committee plans its next hearing.

More Monkey Business

The U.S. was already running short on primates for medical testing—and the problem just got worse.

Jimmy Carter’s Human Rights Legacy

Carter was sincere in his ideals, but often cast them aside for the sake of politics.

U.S. Getting More Serious About a TikTok Ban

Plus: Grand slams ⚾, Pong 🏓, and a March Madness update 🏀!