Constant Arrivals

New York City is feeling the strain from the migrant crisis, leaving faith groups to fill the gaps.

The Most Useful Idiot

Trapped in Elon Musk’s world.

Congress Heads Toward a September Scramble

The gap between the House and Senate spending plans grows as the end of the fiscal year approaches.

It’s Up to Congress to Stop the Iranian Nuclear Threat

The Biden administration is too willing to trade sanctions relief for illusory concessions.

Do Democrats Really Create Stronger Economies?

Never confuse correlation with causation.

When the House Returns, It’ll Be Crunch Time

Plus: Succession questions loom after another Mitch McConnell medical scare.

New York Democrats Battle Over Immigration

Officials in the Big Apple want more help in sheltering tens of thousands of migrants.

The New School Closures

Despite getting millions in pandemic aid, not all schools are equipped to stay open.

Xi’s Republic of China

China’s experiment with market-based economics didn’t negate the problems of one-party rule. It merely delayed them.

Trump’s Global Tariff Idea Is Obviously Terrible. Biden Helped Make It Possible.

The president has fought to maintain his predecessor’s policies.

GOP Struggles to Reach Consensus on Abortion Policy

‘We have a war within the Republican Party to decide if we even are pro-life at the federal level.’

To Address Shootings, Do the Work

The government has tools to fight violent crime involving firearms.

Biden Is Losing the High-Tech War With China

A new executive order banning investing in certain technologies will barely dent China’s ambitions.

China’s Economy Is Spiraling

Will it drag down the rest of us?

Lawmakers Seek to Upgrade Federal Aviation Administration 

Plus: The growing risk of political violence.

Donald Trump’s New Immigration Proposals, Explained

The former president plans even more strict crackdowns on illegal and legal immigration if he takes the White House again.