Trump Backs State-by-State Abortion Legislation

The former president tries to thread post-Roe needle, but faces rebukes from some pro-life advocates.

Why Congress Must Reform FISA Section 702—and How It Can

Instituting a warrant requirement would protect Americans against abusive searches of their private communications.

Now Is Not the Time to Hinder Our Intelligence-Gathering Capabilities

Letting Section 702 lapse would dangerously weaken the intelligence community’s ability to identify foreign threats.

Why the Perception That Crime Is Rising Persists

President Joe Biden trumpets a falling violent crime rate, but FBI raw data tells a different story.

Higher Education Doesn’t Have to be a Battlefield

To curb the campus culture wars, reformers should focus on transforming the design of universities, not eliminating ideologies.

Echoes in the Echo Chamber

How a handful of trolls online can create the ‘majority illusion.’

California’s New ‘Fast Food’ Wage Law Will Probably End Badly. We Just Don’t Know How.

Recent calamities in Seattle, Minneapolis, and D.C. provide some clues.

Now’s Not the Time to Double Down on Protectionism

Trade restrictions aren’t the biggest driver of inflation, but their effects aren’t trivial, either.

The Lasting Effects of COVID on Schooling

Everyone worries about learning loss. Chronic absenteeism is a bigger problem.

The ISIS Attack on Moscow Should Be a Wake-Up Call to the U.S.

There are steps we can take now to thwart potential terrorist attacks.

Why DOJ’s Antitrust Case Against Apple Falls Flat

Green bubbles notwithstanding, Apple isn’t a monopolizing boogeyman.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Mifepristone Case

The suit over abortion pill regulations seems likely to hinge on standing, not substance.

What Did the ACA Accomplish?

Taking stock of the praise and criticism of the 14-year-old law.

YIMBYs Are Winning Local Housing Battles, but Can They Win the National Housing War?

Building more housing—even luxury housing—lowers prices for everyone.

The Biden Administration Has an Opportunity to Rein In Iran

The strong response to proxy strikes in early February shows it can be done.

A Change in GOP Senate Leadership Could Mean Filibuster Reform

Sen. John Cornyn once sought to change the filibuster for judicial nominees. Would he be willing to go further as Republican leader?