The Daunting Task the New China Committee Faces

A new House panel debuts with a prime-time hearing and questions about how to address threats from the Chinese government.

Untangling the Chinese Knot

We shouldn’t glibly conflate China’s economic challenge with its military-strategic threat.

Supreme Court Seems Poised to Sink Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation

Plus: Lori Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor to lose reelection in decades.

Lawmakers Elevate Human Rights Ahead of First CCP Hearing

The select committee on competition with China meets tonight to lay out the threat posed by China.

Biden’s Immigration Saga

Supporters and detractors alike say Biden’s new immigration plan sounds a lot like his predecessor’s.

How to Lose Elections and Still Cut Taxes

Quirky circumstances may give Michigan Republicans bragging rights even though Democrats control the state legislature and governorship.

Divorced From Reality

Americans already live the way they want to live, where they want to live.

Will Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Stand?

The Supreme Court considers the program Tuesday.

A Time for American Stability—and Power

Our allies are pondering whether we are still a superpower.

Another Biden Immigration Plan That Looks a Lot Like Trump’s

President Joe Biden’s plan for asylum likely faces the same legal problems Donald Trump’s did in 2020.

America’s Changing Death Penalty Debate

Americans are souring on the death penalty for lots of different reasons.

Gearing Up for the Tucker Tapes

Plus: A look at lawmakers fighting isolationism as the war in Ukraine enters its second year.

A Congressional Fight Against Isolationism

The For Country Caucus wants Congress to take a bigger role in foreign policy.

My Own Private East Pakistan

Lessons on national divorce from South Asia.

The Dangers of an ‘Angry Pacifism’

What America can learn from a 20th-century British political cartoon character.

Nuclear Breakout or Just Holes in the Ground? 

By some measures China’s atomic arsenal has become more formidable than America’s.