The Past Offers a Way Forward on Foreign Policy

The Truman Doctrine and the Nixon Doctrine both had their flaws. But perhaps taking a few elements from each could be useful today.

New Iran Nuclear Deal? Same Old Missile Problems.

The U.S. and Europe ignore Iranian missile tech developments at their own peril.

A Turning Point in the Climate Debate

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has progressive climate fundamentalism in retreat. It’s time for pragmatism.

The Unforgiving Math of the U.S. Labor Market

We are missing somewhere between 4 million and 7 million workers, and even if we could find them it might not fix our problem.

The Coming Surrender to Iran

The president’s negotiators are desperate for a deal, any kind of deal.

How to Fight the New Cold War

Are we prepared to recognize that China is the much bigger threat?

Sanctioning Putin: An Interview With Bill Browder

The man behind the Magnitsky Act explains how to hit Putin where it hurts.

Trump Straddles the Ukraine Fence

Two factions emerged at CPAC on Russia’s invasion, and the former president played to both.

What Should the United States Do Now?

For starters, go after hackers and supply Ukrainians with weapons and ammunition.

A Call to Buck Russian Banks

An explainer on SWIFT, which could help isolate Russia’s financial sector.

Sanctions Are Not Enough

Putin has already discounted the economic dangers of his invasion of Ukraine.

Only Bad Guys Want Wars

When the United States was in the business of standing up to troublemakers, there were palpable limits on the malign plans.

A New, Weaker Iran Deal Would Pave a Path to the Nuclear Threshold

Even a new deal might give us a ‘breakout time’ of only a few months.

The U.S. Must Prepare to Withstand a Cyberattack

Congress gave the Biden administration two years to develop a strategy. One year in, there is little evidence that the work has started.

Florida’s Fight With Faith Groups Over Unaccompanied Minors

A Ron DeSantis executive order may prevent shelters and foster families from housing migrant children.

Lessons From the Viral ‘Crack Pipe’ News Cycle

The Biden administration rushed to deny claims by conservative media outlets, only to anger advocates of harm reduction measures.