Our Best Stuff on the War in Gaza and the Maine Shooter

Plus, Election Day is coming.

No Easy Out for Trump Foes

Trying to remove the former president from the ballot is folly.

The Queeg Factor

Do voters know how weird Trump has become?

The Scorpion King

Donald Trump has a history of turning on the people who helped him succeed.

The GOP Majority Runs Through New York

Empire State Republicans move to expel Rep. George Santos to protect their turf in Congress.

Republicans Opposed to Trump Grapple With Consolidation

The still-crowded GOP primary continues to shield the former president.

The Veepstakes Are Too High for Kamala Harris

President Biden should find a new running mate for his reelection campaign.

Fitness Test

House Republicans squabble over, of all things, political propriety.

The MAGAfication of the Left

A progressive movement that makes allowances for Jew-hatred cannot endure.

Republican Superdonor Miriam Adelson Is Back

Plus: Mike Johnson beefs up his fundraising operation.

The Virtues of Editing—in the Media and Our Institutions

Our system of checks and balances is an editorial process that serves to temper momentary popular passion.

Tim Scott’s a Good Guy. But Is That Enough?

GOP senators love the South Carolinian, but increasingly ‘don’t see how’ his campaign gets off the ground.

Herding Cats

Populist contradictions in Mike Johnson’s first major bill.

Dispatch Live: Halloween Special Ask Me Anything

Join us for our weekly livestreamed conversation.

The Ghost of You-Know-Who

Checking in on the GOP primary contest playing out in Trump’s shadow.

Pence Runs Away From the Circus 

A living testimony about the price of principle.