A Shortcut Through the Long Campaign

We don’t have to get too wrapped up in the parties’ narratives at this point.

The State of Our Union

A response to the new Dispatch editorial.

SOTU Antics Are a Bipartisan Failure

Anything that can be used for politics gets used for politics now.

A Fiery State of the Union

Plus: The Dispatch publishes its fourth-ever editorial.

The American People Should Demand Better

How The Dispatch is thinking about a Trump-Biden rematch.

The End of the Road for Haley

Plus: Can Haiti pull out of its doom spiral?

We’ll Always Have Vermont

The end of the conservative movement.

Apocalypse Not

Presidents don’t matter as much as they would like you to think.

After Super Tuesday, A Primary Ends and A General Election Begins

Plus: Who will win Kyrsten Sinema’s Arizona seat—progressives or populists?

Super Tuesday Solidifies the 2024 Election

It’s unofficial: Get ready for the Trump vs. Biden rematch.

What Might Have Been

Three what-ifs of the Republican primary.

Kooks, Real and Imagined

What happened when the GOP fell in love with the idea of a permanent revolution.

Conversion Or Exile

The weirdly rational populist strategy of purging conservatives.

Trump Poised for a Big Super Tuesday Win

Plus: Our interview with Nikki Haley.

Our Best Stuff From the Week Before Super Tuesday

Mitch McConnell announces he’ll step down as Senate minority leader.