Ellen Bork

Ellen Bork

Uncertainty Over Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Exposes American Weakness

If she does not go, Beijing will have taken the measure of another American White House and found it to be more bark than bite.

Michelle Bachelet’s Disgraceful, Demoralizing Trip to China

Plus, how Xi Jinping used the visit to advance his own agenda.

Vladimir Kara-Murza, Imprisoned but Undaunted

The Russian pro-democracy leader was sentenced to 15 days in prison after criticizing Putin in a CNN interview on Monday.

How the Biden Administration Is Hurting Its Credibility on China

It should speak more, not less, about freedom and human rights.

The Closure of Apple Daily Is a Warning Shot to Businesses in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been uniquely attractive to global companies but the attributes that made it so are disappearing.

It’s Time for Democracies to Push Back Against China’s Authoritarianism

The contest between free and repressive regimes is the struggle of our times, and there will be many more battles.

Dark Days in Hong Kong

Charges against almost 50 activists and politicians show that Hong Kong democrats face fates similar to dissidents on the mainland.