Bill Wirtz

Bill Wirtz

Making Turkey Choose

The NATO member tries to plays both sides in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron Likely to Lurch Left

Following parliamentary elections, the French president's new political coalition gives him only one option for getting work done.

Macron’s Next Challenge

He won reelection, but now his party is trying to fending off major competition from far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon in parliamentary elections.

German Leaders Are Out of Touch on Ukraine. One Politician Is Forcing Their Hand.

Friedrich Merz is capitalizing on the ambiguity of the German government over Russia’s aggression.

Can Emmanuel Macron Win His Rematch With Marine LePen?

Since he has alienated some on the left, he’ll need all the moderate support he can get.

It’s Time for the EU to Turn to Africa

African food and energy producers have had trouble gaining a foothold in Europe. The war could change that.

What Are Europe’s Energy Alternatives?

With Nord Stream 2 canceled and relations with Russia on Cold War-level, where can Europe get energy?

Soaring Energy Prices Leave EU Leaders Scrambling

Discontent could hamper climate change efforts, shape elections, and create tension between member nations.

Europe’s Nuclear Power Divide

Climate activists oppose its use even as alternatives lead to increased emissions and rising electricity prices.