Giselle Donnelly

Giselle Donnelly

A Surprising Turn of the Tide in Ukraine

While all eyes were on the counteroffensive to reclaim Kherson in the south, the Ukrainians have launched a second attack out of Kharkiv in the northeast.

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Only the U.S. Can Tip the Balance of a Long War Toward Ukraine

The question is: What will America do?

And This Is the Tanks I Get!

Now is not the time to cut back on U.S. tank production.

No Time to Go Wobbly

Biden is making the right moves in sending Ukraine rocket systems. And he’s at least given a strong statement about what he’ll do to help.

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Shapes in the Fog

Even amid the uncertainty of war, we can see the progress Ukraine has made in securing independence from Russia.

Biden Adopts a Tougher Line on Russia

Will the show of strength last?

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The Donbas and Beyond

What is about to transpire may devolve into a campaign of attrition.

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What’s Wrong with the Russian Army?

It goes beyond bad leadership, insufficient training, and poor logistics.

What Ukraine Needs Now

Its military has an opportunity to make a counteroffensive, but it needs weapons, logistics, and other assistance.

The Risks of Delay Loom Large

Putin is ready to destroy the village in order to save it.