Donald Trump Should Not Be Trusted With Classified Information

Hello and happy Thursday! 

Today I want to chat about President Trump’s handling of classified materials and a new whistleblower report claiming Twitter is super insecure and crawling with foreign spies. 

About Those Classified Documents 

I’ve held off on writing about the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago because the issue immediately became a political “shirts and skins” game and because much of what was “known” was little more than conjecture. The facts have firmed up over the last few weeks, however, and I’ve had some time to think about what I have to say. So here are seven observations in the context of the former president’s handling of classified information. 

First, we need to remember why we have classified information in the first place. There are people, groups, and nations who want to hurt us. They want to steal our wealth, undermine our system of government, and enslave or kill our family, friends, and neighbors. If you think that sounds alarmist, you’re wrong. Certainly, this does not describe most of the people in the world, but it accurately applies to enough people that our government must have a way of keeping state secrets away from those who would use those secrets to hurt us. Any action that weakens this system also threatens to weaken our individual and national security.  

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