Paul D. Miller

Paul D. Miller is a professor of the practice of international affairs at Georgetown University.

Paul D. Miller
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Hand Gaza to the United Nations

An international administration of the territory is the least-bad solution.

What About Jewish Nationalism?

Does Israel deserve a carveout from arguments against nationalism?

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To Stand With the Palestinians, Support Israel Against Hamas

Moral equivalence and whataboutism only get in the way of lasting peace.

Democracy and the Golden Rule

And what it means for freedom of speech and expression.

American Security Through American Idealism

Remembering Michael Gerson by reflecting on the greatest speech he ever wrote.

Nationalism Goes to War

American nationalists who invoke the Ukrainian resistance as a poster child for their agenda are being disingenuous.

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The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nothing in the past 60 years has brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Putin is doing his best.

Is the Republican Party Becoming the Sinn Féin of America?

An extremist movement is taking over the GOP at the same time that the threat of right-wing political violence is growing.

Christianity and American Identity

An excerpt from The Religion of Greatness.