The Worst Candidate for Civil Liberties Just Entered the Race

The impeachment process is taking a break, but the news never stops. Donald Trump is pardoning men convicted and accused of heinous war crimes. I’ve got thoughts. We’ve also got a new Democratic presidential contender. Michael Bloomberg is officially in, and he’s got $50 billion burning hole in his pocket. A formidable challenger? I hope not. It’s hard to think of a modern presidential candidate who’s worse on civil liberties than the former mayor of New York. 

We’ll discuss Bloomberg and pardons, but I’ll also highlight a significant moment at the Supreme Court, one of those tell-tale opinions that doesn’t make headlines but rather sets  constitutional conservative’s heart a-flutter with delight. Today’s French Press:

  1. Don’t confuse the law of armed conflict with rules of engagement.

  1. Michael Bloomberg is a radical opponent of equal access.

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