He Doesn’t Know the Job

Dear Reader (Including those of you who had your last shreds of hope snatched from you when you discovered the staging of the Leeroy Jenkins meme),

President Trump isn’t plotting a coup, but that is not the defense of the man you might think it is. More on that in a moment. 

First, let’s say you took the job of basketball coach for your kid’s rec team. 

You like basketball, but you aren’t a master of the rules and it’s not like you know how to design plays, motivate kids, or do anything that’s generally considered basketball-y. So why did you take the job in the first place? It doesn’t matter—at least, not for these purposes. Maybe the school or your church asked you to do it when no one else would. Let’s just say you did it for good reasons. There was a need and you stepped up. 

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