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In Lieu of The Morning Dispatch ...
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In Lieu of The Morning Dispatch …

Happy holiday wishes, and a podcast pitch.

Happy Monday, and Happy Memorial Day. We hope it’s a restful and peaceful one, and that you’ll take time today to remember our fellow Americans who lost their lives in service of our beloved country. Your Morning Dispatchers are off today, but we have two offerings on the site this morning to mark the occasion: James Garfield’s 1868 speech at Arlington National Cemetery and Chris’s Stirewalt’s Monday column, “A Tribute to the Dead, A Reminder to the Living.”

And speaking of Chris, we’re excited to introduce the newest Dispatch production: The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt. Chris joined us from Fox News this spring as a contributing editor. He writes a weekly column on Mondays and contributes to The Sweep newsletter on Tuesdays too. 

When it became obvious there wasn’t going to be a traditional post-election autopsy of the GOP’s performance, Chris pitched the idea of doing one as a limited-run podcast. We said “Heck yes, go for it.”

Without further ado, here are the first three chapters of The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt—click on an image below to be taken to that episode’s page, then click the play arrow to listen:

We’ll release the remaining five chapters of The Hangover each Thursday through June and July. 

You can enter into your internet browser to bypass the Dispatch homepage and get right to the show. For those of you who are new to podcasts, scroll down for a quick explainer on how you can listen to this and all Dispatch podcasts week after week. 

For current Remnant podcast subscribers, we’re dropping The Hangover episodes into that show’s feed on Thursdays too. The Hangover will also be available on all major podcast platforms. If you can’t find it on your platform of choice, you can try copying and pasting this RSS feed directly into your app to add the feed manually:


Podcast 101:

The Dispatch produces three recurring podcasts: The Dispatch Podcast, Advisory Opinions and The Remnant. And now with the release of The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt, we have our first limited-run series. 

Even if you aren’t a diehard podcast consumer, you can listen to these shows anytime the mood strikes you right here at Each show has its own little corner of the site where you can browse and listen. 

Each episode of a show has its own episode page with a player and a description listing that show’s topics, guest(s), and also links to referenced materials. At the bottom of each episode page, members of The Dispatch community can carry on the conversation in the comments section. 

The other way to listen to a Dispatch podcast is through a podcast player app. Simply pick a player app like Apple Podcast on your phone or computer, search for a Dispatch show by its title and subscribe to it. Most podcast apps are free and they allow you to search for shows and subscribe to them for free too. 

Once subscribed, a new episode of a show will appear automatically in your podcast app without you having to go get it from the source. What’s more, you can download an episode and listen to it even when your device is not connected to the internet. It’s like having on-demand radio whenever and wherever you want it. 

Some of the most popular podcast player apps are Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, which come preinstalled on your cell phone (Apple Podcast on iPhones, Google on Android based phones.) Amazon, Stitcher, Spotify and Overcast are also popular players and widely available in your device’s app store. If you have a smart speaker in your home like Alexa or Google Home, you can listen to podcasts via their preinstalled podcast services too.