Joe Biden Had a Super Tuesday

At least you’re not Mike Bloomberg on this Wednesday morning! Poor guy spent half a billion dollars for the right to be embarrassed in two nationally televised debates, relitigate a bunch of sexual harassment allegations against him, and come out of Super Tuesday hitting the delegate threshold in only a handful of states. He did win in American Samoa, though.

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Quick Hits: Today’s Top Stories

  • U.S. coronavirus deaths now stand at nine, and the White House announced Tuesday that the CDC would lift all restrictions on testing for anyone who suspects they could have the virus.

  • The Trump administration, spooked by the possibility of a coronavirus-sparked economic downturn in an election year, is mulling a number of economic stimulus proposals in a bid to keep markets shipshape. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates half a percentage point on Tuesday—the largest emergency cut since the financial crisis—but the Dow still fell almost 3 percent on the day.

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