TMD: What is Rudy’s “Insurance”?

Happy Wednesday! Today’s newsletter was filed from Columbus, Chicago, and Maryland as we make our respective pilgrimages home for Thanksgiving. Fun fact: everyone involved in The Morning Dispatch hails from the Midwest. No wonder all our jokes are either cheesy or corny.

Quick Hits: What You Need To Know

  • The impeachment inquiry is moving to the House Judiciary Committee, which will hold panel hearings with constitutional experts next week. (More on that below.)

  • The New York Times reported Tuesday that the White House did not release military aid to Ukraine in September until after Trump had been briefed about the whistleblower complaint against him, dealing a blow to presidential defenders who have argued Trump’s conduct was blameless because the aid ultimately flowed. 

  • Republican Sen. John Kennedy on Tuesday backed off from his earlier claims that he didn’t know whether it was Ukraine or Russia that hacked DNC servers in 2016, telling CNN, “I was wrong. … I’ve seen no indication that Ukraine tried to do it.” 

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