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Campaign Quick Hits

When Mitch Speaks, You Best Listen: Love them or hate them, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are almost certainly going to be remembered as the two best political strategists of the last quarter-century. So when the Senate minority leader doles out nuggets of wisdom, they are worth digesting because he is telling us what the official GOP Senate playbook will be for 2022 (not that every candidate will learn the plays, of course). Here’s a few from his latest interview with CNN’s Manu Raju and Alex Rogers:

On the “Big Lie”: “It’s important for candidates to remember we need to respect the results of our democratic process unless the court system demonstrates that some significant fraud occurred that would change the outcome.”

On new voting restriction laws as a political liability: “I think I can pretty confidently say, we won’t lose any elections over that issue, anywhere in the country. People are concerned about a wholly different set of concerns. Inflation, an out-of-control border, Afghanistan withdrawal, the controversy over COVID. I mean, the thought that a single Senate race in America would be decided over that issue strikes me as being wildly out of touch with what the American people are interested in.”

On a potential Todd Akin-esque repeat in Missouri: “Missouri is potentially challenging depending on the outcome in the primary … All I’ll say about Missouri at this point is we’re keeping our eye on it.”

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