Every Monday Kevin D. Williamson reports—as only he can—on American life, politics, and culture from coast to coast.

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Who Are These ‘Cultural Christians’?

Christian sensibility, but without the belief, is very little more than niceness inflated to the point of metaphysical comedy.

Machiavelli on the Hustings

What would the great Florentine political theorist make of our modern ruling class?

DeSantis Is (Almost) Right About Libel Law

And the New York Times is wrong about DeSantis.

Put Trump Veterans in Political Timeout

They should not soon again hold positions of public trust.

Last Call in Brussels

Why should NATO continue to let Turkey hold it hostage?

Are We Prosecuting Straw Buyers?

Illinois works to introduce new legislation while it remains unclear whether current laws are being enforced.

The Strangeness of Psychotic Jew-Hatred

Antisemitism remains astonishingly common, especially in its less feverish expression.

Our Tudor Parliament

The government has grown corrupt because it suffers from a phobia of independent powers.

The George Santos Defense

‘Has not been convicted of felony fraud’ is a pretty low bar to clear.

Being Human

Reflections on fatherhood around Christmas.

Being Evil

How we’ve come to demand a very simplistic morality from our entertainment.

Two Cheers for Partisanship

We would be better off with healthier and more effective political parties.

Art for Whose Sake?

There are tyrants among us who insist that cultural value is tied to some political criterion.

The War on Bubba

Our approach to gun crime is a mix of doing nothing and going after middle-aged guys who like to shoot rifles.

By All Means, Investigate Everybody

Just be prepared for any outcome.

Mormons and Gentiles and Jews and Gentiles

Is there an LDS voting bloc?