Every Monday morning, Kevin D. Williamson reports—as only he can—on American life, politics, and culture from coast to coast.

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They Meant Well, Mostly

‘Peak oil’ and other follies.

The Burial of the Dead

Ukrainians keep up the fight against Russia in the hope that future generations won’t have to.

From Counterculture to Culture and Back Again

On Robert Kennedy Jr. and the right.

Emperor Malarkey I

The president doesn’t just get to bark orders at Congress.

Against Strategery

Voters shouldn’t try to outsmart themselves.

The Reaganite

What Ron DeSantis does—and doesn’t—have in common with the Gipper.

A Draconian Constitution? 

The Athenian lawmaker Draco wasn’t good at writing laws—but neither are most of his heirs.

Against Euro-Vassalization

Thwarting the Chinese threat requires a wealthy and powerful European Union that can partner with the U.S.

Meet the Whigs

Republicans should remember that they are a third party.

The Indictment and the Problem of Discretion

The question is fundamentally about trust, the great political lubricant of our society.

Deities and Demigods

The Manhattan district attorney tries to play Nemesis to the lawless Trump gang.


Donald Trump is calling for protests once again.

Funny Thing About Louisville

Why are Democrats so bad at running cities?

The War on Poets

For tyrants, it’s not enough to just go after journalists.

Who Are These ‘Cultural Christians’?

Christian sensibility, but without the belief, is very little more than niceness inflated to the point of metaphysical comedy.

Machiavelli on the Hustings

What would the great Florentine political theorist make of our modern ruling class?