Inconsistent and Repugnant

On today’s episode, David and Sarah break down the most interesting Supreme Court argument of this term and what it means for the future of double jeopardy law. But first, they have to shout out the dating site that is the AO comment section. Also on the docket:

-Mistrials vs. double jeopardy

-Federal rights and state interpretations

-The coolest word you’ve never used

-David calls for thoughtful comments

-How to lose with valor at SCOTUS

-Fifth circuit on the brain

-A second bite of the Rahimi apple

-Revealing AO’s next long-awaited guest

Show notes:

-SNL: Weights and Measures with Nate Bargatze

-McElrath v. Georgia

-Blockburger v. United States

-Fifth Circuit and Rahimi

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