Brittle Regimes

Steve and Jonah join Mike as he takes over the host’s chair in this week’s Dispod. The trio discuss China’s version of manifest destiny and:
-Biden’s economic outreach
-Big dollar donors desperately scanning the Republican field
-Kari Lake being a loser (and proud of it)
-Mob rule of institutions
-Vivek: worth voters’ time?

Show Notes:

-Jonah’s China piece for The Dispatch

-Scott Lincicome’s newsletter on China

-Poll: Georgia Republicans are unusually skeptical of Trump’s 2020 actions

-David Brooks NYT column Nikki’s the one

-Steve’s Animal Spirits moment

-“Not Donald Trump” NBC Poll

-Watch: Steve’s take on Ron DeSantis’ debate night

-Watch: Kari Lake Doesn’t Want Republicans to Win

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