Six Months Later

In this podcast, our hosts indulge in a wide-ranging airing of grievances, starting with a reflection on the political salience of the January 6 Capitol insurrection, six months after the fact. The gang then discusses whether Republicans have lost the right to be called the party of ideas and what might be behind the GOP’s current allergy to nuance. Sarah also explores the tension between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump that cropped up over Trump’s recent Florida rally. Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Chris argues that most pundits are missing who will be the biggest player, by far, in the contest: President Joe Biden. Lastly, Chris asks whether the abysmal state of election administration in some cases—as revealed by the recent New York City mayoral race—is proof that Democrats’ are not taking threats to the American democracy seriously, and whether the failure to do so will make it easier for bad actors to steal elections.

Show Notes:

New York Times:  Inside the Capitol Riot: An Exclusive Video Investigation

Straw poll showing Ron DeSantis edging out Donald Trump in 2024

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