We Can’t Get No Satisfaction

According to polling from Gallup, Americans are as happy as they’ve almost ever been. Yet their feelings toward the country as a whole are near an all-time low. Why is that? Sarah, Steve, David, and Declan discuss that and more. Plus, in San Francisco, the left seemed to do some self-correcting after a successful recall of a number of school board members. And finally, as Steve promised members on this week’s Dispatch Live, a continued conversation about Rep. Liz Cheney.

Show Notes:

Gallup satisfaction numbers

San Francisco recall election results

What pundits don’t understand about the San Francisco recall | Mother Jones

David on the San Fran recall in The Atlantic

Squad politics backfire | Axios

San Francisco Mayor on The New York Times podcast “Sway”

Local BLM chapter posts bail for man charged with attempted murder of mayoral candidate

Dispatch Live (for members only)

Republican or not | SNL

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