Advisory Ruminations

Accomplished attorney and longtime Jonah associate Shannen Coffin joins The Remnant for a deep dive into the constitutionality of Biden’s vaccine mandate and the dysfunctional state of our federal government. Together, they explore the role each branch of government should play in enforcing such a mandate, Biden’s failure to diminish the COVID culture war, and whether the conservative legal movement could fall victim to the ideology of owning the libs. Obligatory references to Robert Bork are also included. To paraphrase Lionel Hutz, can you imagine a podcast without lawyers?

Show Notes:

Shannen on partial-birth abortion

Andy McCarthy on Biden’s vaccine mandate

Charlie Cooke responds to Jonah

Jonah responds to Charlie and Andy

The latest Ruminant

An Act Relative to Quarantine

The Remnant with Kevin Kosar on congressional dysfunction

David French on partisanship and the Supreme Court

Never Trump, by Robert Saldin and Steve Tenis

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