Banana Republicans

Jonah’s off like a herd of turtles in today’s rambling, self-indulgent behemoth of a Ruminant. After opening with a positively riveting description of The Dispatch’s approach to media training, he deftly transitions into a discussion of the Pentagon leak and the subsequent fecal festival that has consumed MAGA media. From there, listen—with all appropriate deference and awe—as Jonah delicately dances through such light-hearted topics as Russian war crimes, Nazis marching in Skokie (yes, again), and the controversy surrounding Harlan Crow and Clarence Thomas.

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Show Notes:

The Dispatch Podcast covers the leak

MTG beclowns herself once again

Jonah’s Remnant free speech debate with Sarah

Jonah’s previous defense of Harlan Crow

Clarence Thomas failed to disclose the purchase of his old home

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