Cannato’s Way

This episode goes in The Remnant Hall of Fame for a few reasons: it’s both one of the longest episodes we’ve ever done, with one of the New Yorkiest guests we’ve ever had. Vincent Cannato, professor of history at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, proves his New York credentials not just with stories of mayors from years past, but with the most authentic pronunciation of “Giuliani” you’ll ever hear. Stick around for Jonah and Vin reminiscing about AEI, Irving Kristol, and the least impressive Honda Civic in human history.

Show Notes:

Live GLoP 2: Daydrinking Boogaloo – stay tuned for updates

Vin’s book on Mayor John Lindsay, The Ungovernable City

Lindsay’s, uh, “relations” with Florence Henderson

An archive of Lifebuoy Soap’s 1918 ads

Cuomo’s story about “wop”

Dunn and Shields’ book about conservative professors

More Kyle Harper on Gnosticism

Idea-laundering in academia

John Miller’s article on the slow death of military history

Ben Wattenberg’s book on who the average American really was in the 70s for a $25 credit

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