Dr. Stirewalt, the Dragon of Wheeling

The Remnant returns to normalcy today with one of Jonah’s favorite guests: the illustrious Chris Stirewalt. The pair engage in pop culture-infused punditry, focusing on the GOP’s internal war between MAGA advocates and Liz Cheney supporters and America’s supposed entry into a new Progressive Era under President Biden. Prepare to be bedazzled by Chris’ peerless Sebastian Gorka impression, the raw craziness of Donald Trump, and Jonah’s secret history as an adolescent ice cream vendor.

Show Notes:

–    Chris’ page at The Dispatch

–     Cheneypalooza

–  Trump backs Elise Stefanik

–    Mike Pence trudges toward 2024

–    What the heck is going on in Maricopa County?

–    The members-only Wednesday G-File

–    The road to Kenya

–  Chris: “The era of big government is here”

–    The Election Integrity Alliance, yeesh

–   Dr. Gorka

–   Jonah’s cordial, not-at-all controversial disagreement with Bill Kristol

–   “If the paper turns clear, it’s your window to weight gain!”

–   “Welcome to the new progressive era”

–   When Trump and the Clintons were BFFs

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