Jack Gets Back

Join Jonah and special guest Jack Butler, his former research assistant for the tricentennial episode. It’s the best of both worlds as the program recalls its greatest hits (conspiracies about the Soviets, Bigfoot Erotica, The Episode that Shall Not be Named, and, of course, Jokes at Jack’s expense) while also breaking into new territory. The guys talk about the conflict between college Republicans who got into politics just to be edgy versus the more thoughtful millenials and Zoomers who actually hold convictions, and about how “for the first time in more than four years, conservative politics do not have to flow through the person of Donald Trump.”

Show Notes:

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Jack’s page at NR

The Remnant with Joseph Uscinski (or, as Jack said in an interesting instance of spoonerism, “Douglas Urbanski”)

Lost Cosmonauts

Werner Herzog being vaguely horrified by Grizzly Man audio

Bigfoot Erotica: Origin Stories

“The Swamp: An affectionate farewell”

The “Uncomfortable Learning” program at Williams College has a strange history

Jack’s profound disappointment with Madison Cawthorn

Jack ponders the possibilities of Amazon’s show in Middle-Earth

Dan McLaughlin on what comes after Trump

Zhou Enlai on the French Revolution: “Toon soon to tell”

Community: Nick Cage, good or bad?

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