Lunacy’s Lexicon

No babies were harmed in the making of today’s Ruminant, which features puppy parades, obscure German philosophers, and an appropriately large supply of bagels. Putin’s use of Nazi rhetoric to demonize the Ukrainian government has reminded Jonah that we don’t talk enough about the importance of language in public life. The invasion has also prompted him to think about the relationship between language and nationalism, and how national interests should influence foreign policy. Are babies born as blank slates? How would isolationism change America? And will the end of this episode cost Jonah most of his long-term friendships?

Show Notes:

The return of Dispatch Live

Johann Fichte’s “Addresses to the German Nation”

Johann Herder

The Remnant with Paul Bloom

Paul Bloom’s Just Babies

The Remnant with John McWhorter

Jonah’s Twitter thread on nationalism

Jonah debates Rich Lowry on nationalism

The Morning Dispatch breaks down the Ukraine invasion

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