Maximum Security

After a spate of episodes crammed with mercilessly rank punditry and self-indulgent eggheadery, it’s time for the Remnant to get wonky once again. Jonah’s guest today is AEI’s Hal Brands, who’s back to discuss all things foreign policy. With the Ukraine conflict raging, tensions continuing to mount between the U.S. and China, and debates about America’s role in the world consuming the right, there’s no shortage of topics up for grabs. Does the United States actually have a strategic vision anymore? What’s the relationship between history and public policy? And will Chinese or American robots overthrow mankind first?

Show Notes:

Hal’s page at AEI

Hal’s new book, The New Makers of Modern Strategy

Hal: “Biden Will Find That Breaking Up With China Is Hard to Do”

Hal: “How the American War Machine Ran Out of Gas”

Rank punditry and notes from Ukraine on Dispatch Live

Kevin Williamson: “The Burial of the Dead”

Orlando Figes’ The Story of Russia

Jonathan Kirshner’s An Unwritten Future

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