Never Forget

Jonah begins today’s Ruminant on a reflective note, recalling where he was on 9/11 and how the tragedy affected him personally and professionally. Afterward, things get ranty, as Jonah digs into the constitutionality of federal vaccine mandates, the pervasive myth that he doesn’t criticize Joe Biden, and the question of whether America should export democracy to illiberal countries. Why is neoconservatism still so misunderstood? Is Biden really a Clinton in disguise? And how have we reached the point where the classic “Sideshow Bob Roberts” episode of The Simpsons seems more like real life than a cartoon satire?

Show Notes:

Jonah reflects on 9/11

The Dispatch Podcast on 9/11 and Biden’s grim summer

John Podhoretz blasts Biden’s vaccine mandate speech

Biden flip flops on vaccine mandates

Ben Domenech arguing for vaccine mandates in 2015

The Remnant with Graeme Wood

“Dictatorships and Double Standards”

Jonah breaks down neoconservatism

The Wednesday G-File

The Remnant with Will Saletan

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