South America, Take it Away

Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review’s Anglo-American purveyor of liberty and golf carts, returns to The Remnant for a spirited discussion of accents, constitutionalism, and all things Floridian. Although Ron DeSantis has faced persistent criticism, Charlie believes he got COVID right, and explains why. With many references to James Madison. Meanwhile, Jonah remains puzzled by the right’s fondness for Hungary, the increasingly imperialistic nature of the presidency, and Charles’ blissful ignorance of foreign policy. At the end of it all, a fundamental question remains that only listeners can answer: What’s the best theme song in TV history?

Show Notes:

The Wednesday G-File

The great debate

Bill Maher defends Ron DeSantis

Rabbit season

Charlie’s takedown of Rebekah Jones

Hungary eyes

“The Salazar Option”

Achieving our Country, by Richard Rorty

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