Steady Continetti

AEI Fellow, author, and Washington Free Beacon founder Matt Continetti comes back to the program, and Jonah gets to pick his brain about… well, a ton of different things. From his expectations for the Biden presidency, to the shockingly progressive staff of the incoming administration, to the Georgia runoffs and a critical reappraisal of the neoconservatives’ role in deradicalizing the left, Matt provides deep and nuanced answers to the biggest stories of the day as well as the issues of bigger philosophical significance to conservatives. He and Jonah also dial in on some of the upcoming decisions that those on the right will have to make in the near future – decisions that may define basic points of conservative doctrine for a long time to come: What should be counted as a conservative “win,” either in politics or culture? Is conservatism going to be big-tent or selective in its coalition-building? And what should the conservative position on China be, as it becomes clearer that the nation may have grown into a superpower that shares very few of our values?

Show Notes:

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Obama’s third term

Biden’s campaign manager being… unkind to Republicans

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The Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party

The Remnant with Tim Alberta

The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium by Martin Gurri

The Roots of Modern Conservatism by Michael Bowen

The Remnant with Carlos Lozada

What Biden can learn from Nat Glazer

Governing Priorities by AEI

Conservatism has conserved a lot, actually

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