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On today’s special and prematurely released episode of The Remnant, Jonah is joined by Sarah Isgur, the host of the niche legal pseudo-podcast, Advisory Opinions, to explain Chevron deference and its prognosis at the Supreme Court. They explore the potential implications of overturning it—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and the likelihood of Congress getting its act together. However, the main event is the debate over whether our lizard brains truly care about policy. Did the abolition of slavery affect the 1860 election? Did Lincoln win because he was tall? Is Sarah a vulgar Marxist? (Plus, Sarah provides an update on Mailboxgate.)

Show Notes:
Jonah’s LA Times column on Chevron
Advisory Opinions on Chevron
Ben Sasse on the third episode of The Remnant
Last week’s episode of The Dispatch Podcast
Kim Strassel: The Them-vs.-Us Election

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