The Godzilla Effect

Shadi Hamid returns to the Remnant to discuss America’s role in maintaining a safe global order. For years, many on the far left and isolationist right alike have argued that the United States should withdraw from the world stage and take a self-limiting approach to foreign policy. But Shadi believes Russia’s aggression has proved that Western power is essential. Will we soon see renewed support for Pax Americana? Should a no-fly zone be imposed over Ukraine? And how many bingo card items can Jonah insert into such an inappropriate conversation?

Show Notes:

Shadi’s page at The Atlantic

Wisdom of Crowds

Shadi: “There Are Many Things Worse Than American Power”

Jeane Kirkpatrick: “Dictatorships and Double Standards”

Jonah on the idea of a new Cold War

Lindsey Graham calls for Putin’s assassination

Is the Muslim world ignoring the plight of the Uyghurs?

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