The Lobster Effect

Today’s dyspeptic Ruminant finds Jonah wading through the swampy wreckage of the Republican intellectual movement in an attempt to give new meaning to the phrase “crushing morosity.” From the GOP’s weakness in the face of populism to the loss of objective standards, Jonah tackles all the most important questions facing the right. Why do Fox viewers need safe spaces? What made Trump’s ineffectual trollishness so appealing to so many? And how much screaming of “I told you so” is too much?

Show Notes:

– Jonah: “Donald Trump’s Megaphone”

– Jonah: “In a Slow-Motion Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Media Figures Embrace Trump One by One”

– Jenna Ellis further beclowning herself on Twitter

– Conch shells and the Fibonacci sequence or something

– Jonah: “How Fox News Created a ‘Safe Space’ for Its Audience”

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