The Stuffed Crust Rises

Armed with a smorgasbord of booze, Jonah reunites with Rep. Mike Gallagher for another half-baked extravaganza, in which the duo’s efforts to annex Greenland may finally come to fruition. Trap doors beneath escalators, dad-centric dating apps, and various bovine innovations are among the undercooked ideas proposed for your listening enjoyment, as well as a few novel solutions for the domestic crises sweeping our nation. Tune in also for excessive pop culture discussion, ruminations on the existence of extraterrestrials, and a possible new name for the Remnant.

Show Notes:

Jonah and Rep. Mike’s previous career-ruining encounter

Leonard E. Read’s “I, Pencil”

Fully baked

Jonathan Haidt: “Facebook’s Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girls”

Yuval Levin on why we’re still governed by baby boomers

Jonah on capes

Don’t F- with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Tupac’s hologram

Is Al Gore an alien?

The David Weigel suspension

Yuval Levin: “The Changing Face of Social Breakdown”

Jonah: “I Think We’re Turning Japanese”

Geoffrey Household’s Rogue Male

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