Trumpster Fire

After a week spent navigating enough scheduling problems to make the Fyre Festival look like a masterclass in logistics, Jonah’s ready to relieve his frustrations with a particularly ranty Ruminant. Things get off to a fiery start thanks to a recent post from the New York Young Republican Club—whose members have apparently decided that boot-licking sycophancy is the mark of an “authentic” American. Evidently, they picked a bad week to display their clownishness so publicly, as Jonah spends nearly the entire episode tearing them to shreds. Stick around to the end to hear some brief thoughts on an especially buffoonish Ibram X. Kendi article and the potential for adding a “Corner”-style blog to The Dispatch.

Show Notes:

Jonah joins Sarah and Kevin on the Dispatch Podcast

The tomfoolery of the New York Young Republican Club

Wednesday’s G-File

Ibram X. Kendi’s self-aggrandizing piece in The Atlantic
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