Turkish Delights

Today’s Ruminant, recorded live from an undisclosed hotel in the depths of Chicago, finds Jonah even more scatterbrained than usual. Although he begins by discussing the nature of the First Amendment and why Twitter isn’t at the heart and soul of American democracy, he quickly abandons rank punditry and veers in a radically different direction. With a vacation in Istanbul coming up, Jonah tells the long, strange tale of his first visit to the city, which may or may not evoke comparisons to Midnight Express. It’s an unconventional episode, but don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Show Notes:

– Bari Weiss’ “Twitter Files”

– David French: “Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson Don’t Understand the First Amendment”

– Christian Schneider: “Does Nobody Understand How the First Amendment Works?”

– The Remnant with Scott Lincicome

– The Remnant with Jonathan Rauch

– Charlie Cooke and Michael Brendan Dougherty debate Republican electability

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