Visions of China

Jim Geraghty, National Review’s esteemed purveyor of punditry and “Morning Jolt” mastermind, joins Jonah today to become the Remnant’s first 11-time visitor (his very own Episode 11, if you will…). The pair explore the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, including recent rumblings that the virus might have originated in a Wuhan lab after all, before examining the Republican Party post-Cheney and ongoing confusion over masks. Should bats be anally swabbed? Are beets toxic? And will the Irish and English ever get along? Listen closely to hear these vital questions answered.

Show Notes:

Jim’s page at National Review

An eerily prescient pandemic piece from 2017

Jim: “The Taboo on the COVID Lab-Leak Theory Lifts”

That time a fire at a Russian lab released smallpox

Jim: “The Wuhan Lab-Leak Hypothesis Goes Mainstream”

Last week’s first Remnant with Klon Kitchen

Last week’s second Remnant with Niall Ferguson

Jim: “No, Really, Why Is Joe Biden Wearing His Mask Around Other Vaccinated People?”

Bush declares “Mission Accomplished”

Biden’s private, ego-boosting meeting with historians

The National Review editors discuss Liz Cheney

Jim clarifies his Liz Cheney position

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