Wake Up Little Hawley

The Ruminant returns to its usual format today after last week’s drive-time diversion, as Jonah is once again placed under the unsettling eyes of several silent spectators. After exploring the history of American censorship and the current state of free speech, Jonah dives headfirst into the ongoing Liz Cheney controversy and lingering nuttiness of Donald Trump within the GOP. Will Josh Hawley ever cease to irritate? Is morality hardwired into babies? And why do the women in Jonah’s life all have awkwardly positioned birthdays?

Show Notes:

Jonah’s latest column

Jonah on political religions

Ross Douthat: “When Wokeness Becomes Weakness”

Banned in Boston

“The movie’s over, it’s four o’clock, and we’re in trouble deep”

Charlie Kirk, political genius

Josh Hawley rants about free speech

Just Babies, by Paul Bloom

National Review: “Liz Cheney is Not the Problem”

The Wednesday G-File

The Paul Wolfowitz/Sam Tanenhaus controversy

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