What Else You Got, British Kid?

Live (well, at the time of recording) from Park City, Utah, Jonah is joined by his AEI handlers, Nick and Guy, for a pop culture-filled conversation with the help of listener-provided questions. Why does Jonah go on trips fit only for Survivorman? Why is Pam Grier so fascinating? Was Angel actually better than Buffy? And, the most important question of all, which one of Jonah’s former coworkers in conservative news media does Guy sound exactly like?

Show Notes

–      Onion: “Markle seen holding Prince Harry’s cadaverous hand for support”

–      Jonah’s G-File from a snow-wracked Texas

–      Jack’s defense of Weird Wendy’s

–      Scott Lincicome asking Jonah the hard questions

–      “Oh, come on, Gallagher!”

–      The members-only midweek “news”letter

–     The Remnant with Cass Sunstein, potential future dog-book co-author

–      Jasmine, true name unpronounceable by human tongue

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