‘There Shall Be None to Make Him Afraid’

Heretics, trolls, and the defects of illiberal religious politics.

What Really Went Wrong In the Antisemitism Hearings

While university presidents lacked principled defiance, GOP officials embraced political theater. A 20th-century university leader shows a better path.

A Random Walk Through My Mind

Freud, the narcissism of small differences, and antisemitism.

Rising Antisemitism Corresponds With a Depressing Amount of Broader Ignorance

How students end up shouting ‘Palestine will be free’ without knowing from which river or to which sea.

Speaking Freely About Free Speech

Free speech matters a lot, but so do some other things.

On Campus Speech, We Need a Return to First Principles

The alternative to robust free speech norms is an unfettered scramble for political spoils.

A Hanukkah for the United States

Celebrations are different this year in light of October 7.

The System Is Rigged

The Ivy president debacle is a huge victory for populism.

Antisemitism Beleaguers the Ivies 

Harvard, Penn, and MIT face the fallout of their presidents’ disastrous congressional testimonies.

How Democrats Are Grappling with Left-Wing Antisemitism

A reckoning has only just begun.

Antisemitism Is Just a Symptom

The root cause of hatred toward Jews is a more pervasive malady.

The Stupidity of Hamas Tankies

Discrediting two movements at once.

Calling All Roundheads

The case for congressional superiority.

The Ka-Ching Theory of Truth

Whether something is true on social media matters less than whether it gets eyeballs.

Of Hamas and Historical Ignorance

We’re seeing the consequences of deemphasizing knowledge and facts in K-12 education.

TikTok Democrats and 4Chan Republicans

Civilization and its discontents.