Calling All Roundheads

The case for congressional superiority.

The Ka-Ching Theory of Truth

Whether something is true on social media matters less than whether it gets eyeballs.

Of Hamas and Historical Ignorance

We’re seeing the consequences of deemphasizing knowledge and facts in K-12 education.

TikTok Democrats and 4Chan Republicans

Civilization and its discontents.

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Thousands March for Israel

‘This is our family. They’re our mishpacha. It runs through our veins.’

The Devolution of Idealism

Israel provides an opportune face of evil for activists looking for a symbol of power, oppression, and colonialism.

House Democrats’ Rashida Tlaib Problem

‘She was well-liked when she got to Congress. A lot of people don’t like her anymore.’

How Anti-Zionism Shrugs Off Antisemitism

New words and ideas can’t sanitize very old facts.

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Why China Is So Eager to Foment Antisemitism

Spreading Jew-hatred helps distract from its own sins.

Antisemitism Swells in the West

Violence against Jews has increased since the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel.

The MAGAfication of the Left

A progressive movement that makes allowances for Jew-hatred cannot endure.

Poster Children

Why images of Israeli hostages are being torn down.

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‘Never Again Is Right Now’

As Israel confronts a genocidal adversary, the world faces a rising tide of antisemitism.

Social Justice for Me, Not Thee

How can so many campus activists give the Hamas attacks a moral pass while screaming inclusion from the rooftops?

The Hamas Vote

How the Middle East’s new war might scramble 2024.

Settle This One For Me

Why ‘settler colonialism’ is just a fancy way to say you don’t like Israel.